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Hydrangea Arrangements and Bouquets - London and UK delivery

These flowering garden shrubs are grown in many different colours. In the wild, hydrangea come mainly in white or green, but one Japanese variety gives us pink hydrangea, blue hydrangea, and even deep magenta! Lilac and variegated heads are also available. The soft butterfly like petals cloud together and form a beautiful display. The hydrangea’s symbolic meanings are hotly contested but everyone agrees that the enduring grace and beauty of the hydrangea is for one’s fourth wedding anniversary!


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At Peace - Funeral Cross
At Peace - Funeral Cross

£70.39 - £116.74 

 Hydrangeas have quite large flower heads but there are sometimes advantages in being big-headed! They do indeed allow a bouquet to be filled with glorious colour! Hydrangeas are not often thought of when ordering a bouquet but look around our website and see what our designers have created using combinations that most people would not think of. Even a white hydrangea arrangement has been made to look striking. Just see what is done with the colours!

 There are many different types of hydrangeas, usually white, but the one most commonly used comes in such a wide variety of colours! The colour variations are due mainly to the soil that they are grown in rather than the plants themselves. Acid soils produce blue flowers and alkaline soils produce pink or even red flowers. This variety of colour lends itself to the florist’s touch! A full bodied arrangement can be had for a modest price.

Do not overlook green hydrangea bouquets when considering an order! These can be blended in with so many other flowers which will enhance their appearance to best effect! They can make such stylish and unusual gifts. Or consider a hydrangea plant in a pot. Order online from Flowers24Hours and a gorgeous hydrangea arrangement or bouquet can be on its way for same day delivery in London or next day delivery elsewhere in England, Scotland or Wales. is part of Todich Floral Design LTD