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Dendrobium Orchid

The dendrobium orchid comes in delicate green, white and purple shades, with featured flower designs including Bella Latina, Arpeggio and the simple Bowl full of Orchids. Have a look online at our beautiful orchid designs and order these luxury flowers from our online florists for same day delivery in the London and next day anywhere in England, Wales or Scotland. We deliver fresh dendrobium orchids directly from our London workshop to your recipients address, and we have a nationwide delivery area, much greater than most London flower shops are able to access.  

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Classic Wreath
Classic Wreath

£61.32 - £88.02 

Beautiful, exotic, dendrobium orchids grow in many remote places from the high Himalayas to the dry deserts of Australia. The classical beauty of orchids as delicate as this makes them especially popular. If you want to send dendrobium orchid flowers then browse our online London florist shop and choose which design you would like delivered. You don't have to break the bank to send an orchid flower gift: A simple gift box with a cuddly toy and graceful dendrobium flowers is relatively inexpensive. 

The dendrobium is known as an epiphyte, which means that it grows upos a tree or other plant, sometimes even a non-living structure of wood, getting its nutrients from its surroundings rather than from the ground. They are also known to grow on stone, using the roots as an anchor to hold them in place. They live off rainwater and any nearby decaying plant matter, either their own or from the host tree or crevices in the stone. For this reason, if you try to grow them at home it is important to follow feeding instructions, using special dedicated orchid food. These orchids have a growth spurt during the summer, but rest throughout winter. In the spring dormant buds will put out shoots from the base of the plant. This is immediately followed by new root growth.

Either as a plant or as a cut flower the dendrobium orchid is an attractive flower as makes a pretty flower gift. Order online to send dendrobium orchid flowers for same day London delivery or next day throughout the UK. is part of Todich Floral Design LTD