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Christmas Wreaths-London delivery

Door wreaths, Christmas wreaths, fruit, flower, pine or artificial wreaths are all here! Decorate your home or office for party time or order as a gift for someone else. These traditional festive decorations add a welcome to any family home, bringing the friendly warmth of the season into your life. Classic foliage, berry and pinecone designs with a bit of glitter may be what you want, or you can go totally tinsel. Its up to you. We deliver wreaths anywhere in the UK and can supply you with same day delivery in London.

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Christmas wreaths are traditional door decorations used in English speaking countries to represent the birth of Christ and the continuity and renewal of life in the depth of winter. Traditionally, evergreen leaves are used for this purpose, available as living green even in the harshest of winters. Pine, holly, ivy and spruce are popular, using the decorative effect of the accompanying pinecones, holly berries, etc. The sharp thorns of the holly can be seen as related to the crown of thorns at the cruxifixion and the berries to drops of Christ's blood and this is sometimes highlighted in Christmas carols. The wreath was seen in England by the 17th century puritans under Cromwell as a symbol of old decadent pagan and Catholic ways and they were briefly banned until the Restoration. As a result of this, the wreath became a symbol of Royalist support and resistance and along with all other banned Christmas customs, became even more popular from the days of King Charles II onward.  

In modern times in England and throughout the UK, wreaths can be either hung on the outside door of a home "to welcome Christmas in" or used as a decoration inside the house. If inside it can be hung on a wall, but should be in a public room. It could be on the door into the main entertaining room; dining room or lounge. A set of wreaths around a room can be used to spread the festive theme. Flowers24Hours can deliver Christmas wreaths same day in London and next day throughout the UK, having a range from natural christmas wreaths to our Dazzling Silver Wreath is part of Todich Floral Design LTD