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Silk Flowers Deliveries

When you want to send a gift that will last forever, remember that you can send silk flowers. These silk flower arrangements are maintenance free, allergy free and can look even better than the real thing.  Silk flowers are never out of season so you can send silk flowers at any time of year, combining spring and summer flowers in a Christmas design if you like! There is no pollen to set off an allergy. They make a long lasting flower display and can even be dusted. Order online, for same day delivery service in London.

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 The advantages of artificial flowers are many: available all year round, they can be made into a mixed bouquet of types of flowers that are not normally seen together. Flowers 24 Hours is a top London florist which can create a bouquet or arrangement for same day delivery in London or next day delivery elsewhere in the UK.  Having the best flower delivery service in London helps when any of the other gifts which this top London florist has available have to be delivered!

If you have the time to order in advance there is no limit to the floral fantasy that you can create! Availability and seasonality do not matter. If you want a rare colour of tulip or other flower it can be ordered for you from the manufacture by this online florist, giving a full range of colours and varieties of flowers to play with. These artificial silk flowers can also be the largest and most symmetrical that you have seen.

Nature cannot always produce the biggest and best looking blooms ever seen throughout year, but our silk flower producers can! You need have no worries about temperature or the amount of daylight the flower vase is exposed to.  No hassle flowers to order online! Just call our customer service helpline on 020 7738 4049 if you have a special requirement. is part of Todich Floral Design LTD