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Orchid Plants


If you want to send a unique gift, we bring you a selection of orchids that will create a sophisticated ambiance in any home or office. This is the way to give the perfect birthday or thank you present. Look at how this London florist has presented these wonderful plants to their utmost effect! Simple containers allow the plant centre stage; more prominent containers reinforce the plants’ characteristics! How can one go wrong, when they all look so wonderful in their own way?

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Orchid Trio
Orchid Trio


Just look at the different orchids! Just because they all share the name orchid they are not all that similar! They all have, in their own way, truly spectacular flowers.

 Some of these plants can last several years with the right care and attention.  They do need to be protected from the frost and do better if kept warm.  They often grow up supported by neighbouring plants so naturally this London florist has a number of arrangements where the stems are supported. 

Orchids can be accompanied by other leafy plants and accessories enhance the appearance of the orchids.  Creativity, flair and imagination are encouraged by these flamboyant plants!  Some orchid names can be a mouthful; take for example the popular Phalaeonopsis or White orchid also known as the moth orchid, and the Dendrobium orchid.


 Whatever your choice you can have same day delivery in London or at a later date if more convenient. What you can count on is an exquisitely exotic gift that will suit most occasions and is guaranteed to please your recipient. All gift orchids are accompanied by a free card to send a personal message to your recipient. These orchids will brighten up many a room with their intriguing shapes and intense colours.  Order online now from this London florist or call our friendly customer services team on +44 (0)207738 4049
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