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Indoor Green Plants

Our indoor green plant arrangements feature many of the easiest care and most attractive plants, perfect for the home and office. Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone special, or just shopping for your own home, these green indoor plants can be the perfect solution.  There is more of a choice than many people think.  A striking leaf shape can be eye-catching; an aspidistra can calm a busy hall!  Green is a calming colour but can be set off with white or lilac.  This London florist gives you ideas!


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We deliver indoor plants that are suitable for many environments, large or small, from offices to private homes, indoor green plants can be suitable for sunny conservatories. A green plant will freshen and purify the air in your room, exchanging oxygen for carbon dioxide. Green house plants are a practical solution to creating a balanced atmosphere, and make a perfect gift for your recipient.

Everyone will be pleased when receiving a green plant. Presentation matters and you can see how this London florist has used imagination in making the most of what is available. Containers and accessories can do so much to enhance the natural characteristics of the plant. With plants, taking a little time to consider their characteristics can ensure that they are appropriate for purpose. Some, such as buxus, or various types of bonsai, can last for years with modest maintenance.
Buxus or box is often used for topiary because it will survive out of doors in our climate, and its small leaves can be selectively trimmed. Other arrangements may only last a much shorter time but will still enhance many a room. London delivery is possible on the same day.

Browse our green plants gallery and choose the perfect green plant gift for you with Order online or call our friendly customer services team on 020 7738 4049. Special requests will take a little longer but green plant delivery is easy to arrange with this London florist and it is possible to add in other additional items such as chocolates, wines, balloons or soft toys to your gift. is part of Todich Floral Design LTD