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Flowering Plants

As a London based florist we can deliver flowering plants across London. These long-lasting gifts will stay bright and colourful when other flowers would fade.  Presentation can make such a difference!  Look through the gallery and see the designs our florists have created.  Living plants depend on the seasons, so see on our website what are currently at their best.  There is bound to be something to suit for your occasion; so you can send a flowering plant for a birthday, anniversary or as a house warming gift.


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Hyacinths Galore
Hyacinths Galore

£40.80 - £58.89 

A quick look through the gallery shows that there are many charming options to suit even the tightest of budgets.  For those in a hurry same day delivery is possible but for those who can wait a little longer a personalised arrangement can be created.  It really is amazing how this London florist has managed to bring together simple arrangements to such stunning effect!  The containers make them suitable for delivery as well as showing off the plants!  

As many of these plants can last for a season, or even years, they are a wonderful way of capturing a special moment and making it linger a while.  To add to that special occasion why not add in a special little treat?  This London florist also has a range of extra items which can be added to make the gift doubly memorable.

Many of the choices are suitable for those on a budget, but there is scope for some flamboyance for those with a bit more to spend. It is simply a pleasure looking at so many of these arrangements.  It is a pity to have to speed through the gallery so that one can order for same day delivery in London; some activities really are best done at leisure!  Still, one has to make a choice – and there is plenty to choose from! is part of Todich Floral Design LTD