Witch Hazel, the True Early Spring Flower

Witch Hazel

When we think of spring and flowers, the first thing that comes to mind are either tulips or daffodils. But, there is a flower which blooms much earlier, sometimes even before the last snow melts. It is the Witch hazel, which is truly the first sign of spring. The reason people don’t really know about this flower, is that it blooms much earlier than when the weather becomes balmy and our thoughts turn to spring.

The flowers of this plant bloom in the cold interval between winter to spring. Sometimes they bloom as early as late January, but if the weather is too cold they curl up their petals and bloom a bit later.

The Witch hazel grows on shrubs, and the flowers are very tiny and they give off a strong scent. The petals of this flower are tiny and thin, and they curl at the ends. It comes in red, yellow, orange and a rusty color. During the summer the bushes of this flower are leafy green, and in the fall the shrub takes on bright fall colors again. This makes it an excellent decoration for the garden all year round.

There are many different sizes of shrubs of shrubs the smallest costing around $30, where larger examples cost anywhere up to $250.

Gardeners who know about this flower love it; because it blooms early and brings with it a preview of the spring that is just around the corner.

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