Make Your Flowers Last All Winter Long

Though days are getting shorter and greyer, there is totally a great way for you to brighten up your home, office, and your mood! The secret? Winter flowers. Keeping a vase of fresh-cut flowers is a fantastic method for boosting energy levels, good health, and creativity, especially during the winter months. Here are a bunch of professional florist tips from London Flowers 24 Hours to extend the life of your bouquets and winter blossoms.winter-flowers-last-longer-london-florist-tips

Trim Your Winter Flower Stems The Right Way

There are a bunch of tips for clipping your flower stems that will help preserve their life at home. Keep petals full of colour, bright and rosy, and the stems of your roses and ranunculus straight and tall. Knowing how to trim flowers correctly will maintain the glow of your gerberas and that gorgeous arc on phalaenopsis orchids.

Cultivate Your Winter Garden

Keep those winter blossoms looking fresh—it’s so worth it! Even simple seasonal winter wild flowers like pink waxflowers and the delicate, airy buds and petals on gypsophila can imbue your home space with a brightness and beauty that can take the coldest edge off of the winter.

First step, when cutting the stems of your flowers, snip them at an angle. Top florists and pro gardeners recommend 45 degrees. This will increase the surface area and allow your flowers to uptake more water. Watch your flower arrangements maintain their radiance.

Also remember to recut your stems every two or three days (whenever you change the water), and be sure to use a sharp scissors or shears to avoid damaging the root structure. And if you notice any leaves have fallen off or are submerged beneath the water level, be sure to clip them off too, so you can prevent them from rotting and avoid clouding up your fresh water.

Keep That Vase Clean

Don’t let a dirty vase be the demise of your beautiful flowers! There’s nothing worse than watching a pristine white oriental lily or gorgeous winter gardenia wilt prematurely. Bacteria is the bane of fresh cut flowers, but fortunately you can easily avoid dirt and dust accumulation by washing out and rinsing your vase before you trim and set up your flower arrangement. Then be sure to change water every few days!

Avoid Direct Sunlight If Possible

The cooler and darker areas of your room are typically best for extending the lifespan of your fresh-cut flowers. Think of a hypericum plant in your shared living space, breakfast nooks decorated with a vase of stephanotis, or on the coffee table at the center of the room, away from windows, and between the windows in your home: this way your flowers can drink up a little bit of sunshine that’s important for their growth and health, yet at the same time be quite happy receiving indirect light for most of the day.

And remember to do the same for yourself! It might be cold out, but grab the gloves and mittens, bundle up, and get outside for a bit of sun. You’ll be glad you did.

Professional florist tips from Flowers 24 Hours

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