Feast of the Senses: Satisfy Stomach and Soul With These Winter Gifts

Don’t deny yourself this cold season! Winter gifts are essential to feeling fine, warm and satisfied on the inside while the wind blows and the world outside goes through its chillier phase. These gifts are great for friends and family at home, or function equally well in the office, perfect to exchange around New Years, give to bosses and coworkers alike.

Feel grand, full, and at peace—satisfy all your senses with winter flower arrangements and gifts:


Gift Baskets Galore: A Little Something Sweet and Savory

It’s a New Year and there’s no better time to show your appreciation.

Who couldn’t use a little savory snack or sweet and sugary delight to make the day go a little easier?

You might try something like a gift basket filled with champagne, or a bottle of wine, luxury dark or milk chocolates, jam, fruit spread, seeded crackers and buttery biscuits. And why not top it off with cute stuffed bear gift? They’ll love it.


Repurpose Your Mini Christmas Tree

Give your mini Christmas tree a second life by bringing it from home to the office. Cheery energy, the smell of cedar boughs, and texture of pine needles are so much better than your run-of-the-mill indoor office plant.

Put your miniature Christmas tree on your desk or by your door, or try standing it out in the lobby or reception area to greet clients. Just because the holiday is past doesn’t mean people won’t appreciate a little festive flair.

Zen Vibes: Bonsai Trees and More

Meditation might help you to de-stress, though you can also consider serene and smartly manicured Bonsai trees and Ginseng Ficus trees for an enlightened state of mind this winter. Whether you want to imbue your office or personal workspace with calm and purpose, or give the gift of serenity to your partner, friends or coworkers, these office plants are bound to please.

Bonsai and Ginseng Ficus trees are also ideal ornaments around the home if you happen to be a fan of feng shui, not to mention they’re low maintenance and require infrequent watering.

Create Your Own Oasis

Where do we start with our favorite exotic plants? The Guzmania plant from South America thrives in humidity and warmth. And warmth is exactly what you’ll get: spiky bright red flowers bursting from a wicker basket to greet you.

winter-gifts-london-winter-gifts-uk-gift-basketsFishbowl Arrangements for Simplicity and Clarity of Mind

Fishbowl arrangements are less exotic than they are extremely compact, captivating and cute winter gifts. They are also so easy to hold if you are planning to deliver this gift by hand or in person rather than ordering online.
Fairly easy to make on your own, too, all you need to do is buy a small glass bowl, fill it a third to halfway with water and sprinkle red rose petals inside the bowl. Or, drop a single large white rose or bright chrysanthemum blossom. Another favorite is the Singapore Orchids and Papyrus winter flowers arrangement – a vibrantly green and stunning floral display – that will surely put your mind in a relaxed and centered state.

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