Window Decoration with Flowers

It has been a very long, harsh and cold winter for most around the globe. We counted the days till when spring would arrive. As the weather becomes a little bit more warmer, many person’s are putting together their window displays. And when I say window displays I mostly mean flower decorative boxes. Now who does not like walking pass seeing a nice flower box display? Many of us do, but are not sure how to create one of our own. Within this post I will give instruction and insight on how to maintain a nice flower window box display.
Windowsills are often nice places for plants or flowers to sit. A lot of people often put flowers or plants in these locations. The main purpose for people putting plants and flowers in these locations is to help them grow. We all know that plants need light to create food that helps them grow. Without the necessary light they could either become discolored or dead. Now there are necessary steps that must be followed in constructing your very own flower window box. First you can either choose to have this display on the inside or the outside of your home. In my personal opinion I think it would be best to have it on the outside.
The width of window should determine the length of the planter. Both the height and depth must be large to hold the dirt and pot. This is mandatory for the dirt will be moist for a couple of days. Your box can be measured as 7 inches deep and high. This will accommodate flowers pots that are 6 inches. Second step is to create a bracket template. This is will insure that the weight of the box and dirt will fit. The third step is very crucial because it will determine how long your window box will last. Make sure you choose either Cyprus or Cedar for your wood base. These two woods are durable because they can withstand any environmental situations. After selecting your wood begin to examine the width of the planter. Cut front and back boards to the right length. Make sure that the trim is 1″x 8″ and the lumber is 7 inches wide. Next you want to bevel the corners at a 45-degree angle and add slots. This prevents splinters from happening. Then you want to cut and add both the end and bottom pieces. Use screws to secure each of them. Next you want to drill drainage holes into the box. The spacing should be about 12 inches apart, beginning about 6 inches from each end. After that cut and prepare the brackets for the placement. Once the planter is complete apply the finish. Place the attach brackets on the house, and raise the box. After all this you can now add the flowers to the box. In the final stages of the window display is choosing the right kind of plants or flowers is very important. You want to have something that is colorful but low maintenance. You want to pick ones that can withstand hot sun or part shade and do not have watering requirements.
Once you have chosen your flowers you can begin planting them inside the box. Always check your
flower packets first. The reason is being is because some seeds may be planted outside or only indoors
for a certain amount of weeks. Keep your seedlings close to visible light, but also far away enough. If
your solely planting your flowers indoors you can use artificial light.Now that we have gone through the
technical issues of creating and constructing our flower box; we can show it to the world.
I hope these tips and instructions were useful to creating your own flower box. You can always look up
more information on construction of flower boxes.

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