White Roses Cause Relationship Trouble

White RoseWho would think that flowers could lead to broken hearts? One gentleman had a close call recently, when his girlfriend nearly broke up with him after he brought her a bouquet of white flowers.

Though this is a thoughtful gift, in some cultures white flowers are used to worship the dead.

Local industry and commerce personnel intervened by refunding the man’s money. The man named Jiang made the mistake of taking these flowers to his in-laws in Wuhan, the capital of the province of Hubei. Jiang simply went to this shop and bought the bouquet of flowers, which was made up of nine roses and one white one.

Upon his arrival, his girlfriend’s parents would not let him in the house, while she became very angry. The girl even threatened to end their relationship.

Jiang only later realised the mistake he had made, and with the help of friends he managed to smooth things over with his girlfriend. Of course, he sought compensation for his troubles…

[Via: China Daily]

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