Which Valentine’s Flower Are you?

Valentine’s Day is a holiday for lovers, partners, significant others, couples and unions—but it is most certainly a holiday for flowers, too. Your valentine’s flowers can say a lot of about his or her personality. See these sexy, beautiful blossoms and what they say about who you are:

The Elegant, Sexy White Rose

White roses are a model for elegance, sophistication, and a little bit of reserve—this crisp formality that runs through the hue and outline of their petals is the reason why white roses are a flower of choice at weddings, unions, graduation celebrations, and other ceremonies. But they’re also a fine, beautiful Valentine’s flower that can speak to your own nuances, key character traits, and the type of image you project into the world.


Are you a little brash? Do you feel the need to stand in the spotlight, but are not one to steal it from others? If your Valentine’s flower is a bright white rose, then you’re all for showing off your talents, winning a friendly contest, over-performing at work, or even drawing eyes from across the room. Nevertheless, you’re not going to be heated, or rude about it, or go out of your way to keep others from having their fair share of the fun. You find inclusion to be equally important and are regularly empathetic to those who matter most.

Fiery, Passionate Red Rose

The star of Valentine’s Day and the renowned symbol of heated, passionate love, the red rose. If your valentine’s flowers are a bouquet of red roses, you’re frequently speaking your mind, letting people know what you feel, and how it is. And why shouldn’t you? You’re here to enjoy yourself and make an impact. Not that you mean to push things to the edge, but it can often go there. Fortunately, it’s Valentine’s Day, so enjoy the romance and revelry with your sweetheart.


Precious, Joyful Peonies

The compact size and striking, classic beauty of peonies provides a contrast that carries an echo of the idea “small but mighty…” Put an abundant mixed bouquet of peonies, pink and white, or a white monochrome bouquet in a vase, and watch them open up.

So are you a peony? Do you find yourself relaxed most of the day, calm, and generally have a difficult time getting worked up? Are you usually satisfied to let others drive the conversation? As a peony, when it is time to go out for the evening, put on a presentation at work, or show others what you are really made of, these are the moment you find the energy and passion to open up.


Orchids: Lavish, Alluring And Exotic

Orchids’ exotic petals and long arc to their stem translate to the alternative approach and long-view you take of life—you don’t mind being different; in fact, you sometimes enjoy your role as the outsider—and would at times identify as an introvert. However, with the right environment, good people, and deeper conversations, you have all the stimulus necessary to come out from your shell.



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