What Happens to Flowers Once the Parades are Over?

Roses on a parade

Parades are held allover the United States on holidays. The Rose Parade is one of the most spectacular examples and is held in Pasadena California on New Year’s Day. There is float after float of flowers, and it takes a lot of manpower to make this event happen. But the question to as is, what happens to all those flowers after the show is over?

Larry Palmer, a spokesman for Phoenix Decorating in Pasadena says that roses, orchids and chrysanthemums are made into potpourri, while other natural materials like bark, leaves, or fruits and vegetables are made into mulch. Phoenix Decorating is responsible for about 25 of these floats each year.

According to Caryn Eaves, spokeswoman for the Tournament of Roses, a few days after Christmas the decoration and setup of the floats begins. The floats take a 5 1/2-mile-long trip, and then they are put out on display for the following two days.

Businesses, cities and other organizations fund and contract the companies which build the floats. It is also the people who build the floats that are responsible for taking them apart.

Flowers which are live are given to churches, where they are passed on to the elderly at retirement homes, or hospital patients.

[Via: FresnoBee.com]

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