Vine With a Passion for Producing Beauty

Passiflora incarnata, otherwise known as the Passion Flower, is a type of vine that produces beautiful flowers.

Passion Flower

A native to the Southeast United Sates, it often grows in the wild, even surviving the winter months in states that are fairly close to the north such as Illinois.

In Indian it is treated as if it were a tropical plant. Usually cuttings or seeds are taken from the fruit of the plant to allow it to grow back after winter. Smaller plants are even used as houseplants during the colder months. They only need bright light to thrive.

This plant grows rapidly and it was given its name by missionaries in the 1500s. It was believed that parts of the 3 to 4 inch plants were symbols for the crucifixion of Christ. The passion of Christ is where the name Passion Flower is derived from.

This vine blooms from the early months of summer until the first frosts. The Passion Flower grows easily in places that are sunny and have well-drained soil. They will often need support like a trellis or wire fencing to aid them in their growth. Annually they will grow to about 13 feet or more.


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