Vegetable Gardens Enhanced with Flowers

Vegetable Gardens Enhanced with FlowersMany people in the United have started planting vegetable gardens, some because of the bad economy and some have been inspired by Michelle Obama’s Whitehouse garden.

The problem with vegetable gardens is that they can be fairly sparse at times, making your garden look less appealing. If you plan on having a vegetable garden for the long-run it might be a good idea to look at ways to make it look a bit more appealing.

Quite often vegetable gardens are found in backyards and it is not uncommon for them to get a bit neglected with weeds growing along with the produce.

Integrating flowers into the vegetable garden is the best way to solve this problem. They will spruce up the garden and will give amateur gardeners more reason to take care of the crops.

Some combinations you can try are violas mixed with red and green lettuces, cabbages and stock, tomatoes and marigolds, or cone flowers and peppers. Of course, there is no limit to the possibilities.


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