Valentines Floral Arrangements: the Many Shapes and Shades of Love

Looking for a Valentine’s Day florist? London florist Flowers24Hours has some of the hottest, exciting valentines floral arrangements of the season. The flower shop’s valentines gifts for him and her, family, friends and coworkers, will have everybody feeling the love of Valentines flowers in all their many different colours and shapes.

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The perfect Valentines floral arrangements can be hard to come by. How do you decide between the different varieties of flowers (with their distinct and wide-ranging meanings), colour shades, or size of the Valentines floral arrangements? Maybe you want to stimulate the taste buds as well, and include something sweet like gourmet Valentines chocolates. Whatever the case, when you want to send a bouquet of flowers you’ll want to be sure they are absolutely perfect! Flowers24Hours can help you to choose between Valetine’s day roses, a classic symbol of love and passion, or something more contemporary and unique, like our other equally heartfelt arrangements that incorporate lilies, gerberas, and even cactus!

Romantic flower bouquets are a sign of endearment, of both love and the effort you’ve expended to seek out the ideal Valentines floral arrangements. There is a fine nuance carried by each blossom, though, and if you deliver anything besides a bouquet of red roses then your Love might want to know why you’ve chosen a particular flower arrangement. Lilies, for example, are a flower that denotes chastity and virtue, love that is pure and unyielding, forever true in its devotion. The white lilies in the Innocence arrangement or Pink Lilies capture this sentiment perfectly. Gerberas, on the other hand, are flowers that signify utter and unadulterated joy, with their bright colors and prominent centers—yellows, cheery red and orange—and petal shapes that look just like rays of sunshine. Another popular valentines alterative to the rose is the orchid. Orchids exhibit delicacy and strength, a luxurious beauty, and suggest at their uninhibited virility! If you’re valentine has some exotic, edgy taste, then the orchid flower arrangement might be the right one for you.

This February, Flowers24Hours is delivering bouquets with a twist, like Blossom Bright—a fragrant symphony of scent and colour made from gerberas and lilies. Magic in a box (a single, pristine white rose), Potted Gerberas and Hyacinths and Chocolates are delightfully romantic gifts that come off as cute and thoughtful. They are perfectly sized to pick up and display in the home or office—or show off to your friends!

Of course, though valentines gifts for her are important, Flowers24Hours also has a range of more masculine Valentine’s Day gifts that won’t leave him feeling left out either. These gifts also happen to make great valentine ideas for friends, family and coworkers. A Bonzai tree is a neat addition to any home office, desk or surface; it will bring serenity, balance, and a smile to his face. The Sombrero cacti arrangement is prickly on the outside but tender at heart, and he’ll undoubtedly love you for the thought!

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