How To Keep The Romance Alive And Make Your Valentine’s Flowers Flourish

Looking for a few ways to keep your romance going? Heat up your Valentine’s Day? Or at least make sure your Valentine’s flowers make it past Day 2? Look no further! There’s nothing worse than a gorgeous bouquet gone to waste, wilting too soon after lighting up your lover’s day. Just keep reading, though—and when February 14th finally arrives, you’ll be fully prepare with these flower care tips and plenty of ideas for keeping the romance alive!


Rose Petal Magic

There is a magical and fey appeal to red rose petals. Using them as decoration on Valentine’s Day is an easy way to amp up the level of romance. Steal a few off your Valentine’s flowers or pick up a tiny rose bush and pluck a few from the red buds. Around the house, scatter winding, playful and alluring trails of red rose petals that will lead your lover on a path to his or her Valentine’s gift…you can sprinkle red rose petals for her, white rose petals for him—and use them as romantic table decorations or combine them with a steamy, sudsy bubble bath for an unforgettable evening.

Do Not Ever Underestimate The Power Of Tea Lights

Tea lights are an inexpensive and romantic decoration that will light up your love and illuminate any romantic evening together, on Valentine’s Day or any special occasion. Combine tea lights with your Valentine’s flower arrangement to set a flickering floral glow against the blossoms that you have selected for your sweetie. Tea lights are also small enough to sit on shelves and windowsills, or fit within your regular glass candleholder.

Power Up Your Amazon Prime And Romantic Movies On Netflix

Set the mood and send the right message with a romantic flick or double feature. Enjoy it with some popcorn and Valentine’s chocolates, or break out a bottle of bubbly.

Remember To Put Your Phone On Silent…

There’s no bigger buzz kill than a vibrating phone or a loud, angry and annoyingly chipper, alarm-like or motorcycle-esque ringtone to interrupt the big moment before a kiss. So, for everybody’s sake, put your phone on silent—or better yet, airplane mode!

Don’t Kill The Mood And Don’t Kill Your Valentine’s Flowers

The last thing you want to do is cut the romance short by letting your flowers perish earlier than they need to. Follow these simple tips to keep your flowers and your love alive and flourishing:

  • As soon you deliver your Valentine’s gift or surprise your sweetheart with flowers, put them in a vase with water—they’ll appreciate the drink—and cut the stems at an angle with a sharp scissors (about 1 inch).
  • Make sure that vase is truly clean; any bacteria can shorten the lifespan of your blooms.
  • Fill your vase with fresh water daily. Changing the water will also reduce chances of a bacteria build-up.
  • Finally, keep those roses cool to prevent wilting and decay.


With these romance and fresh Valentine’s flower tips, you should be feeling the love on Valentine’s Day and all February long!

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