Where do Valentine’s Day Traditions Come From?

Love is in the air and it’s the time of year when the shops are stocked with chocolates, flowers and other sweet Valentine’s gifts for lovers this February 14th. But why is it that we give each other gifts, cards and flowers on Valentine’s Day? Read on to find out more about these traditions.

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Cards. It’s unclear where the tradition of giving Valentine’s cards originated. Some say the exchange of love letters began in the 16th century, and that it became a British custom in the Victorian era. There is a story that the tradition of sending Valentine’s cards originated in France, thanks to the Duke of Orleans in the 15th century. The story goes that he wrote love letters to his wife in France when he was imprisoned in the Tower of London in 1415, hence this Valentine’s tradition was born.

Whatever the real origin, there’s no doubt that sending your loved one a Valentine’s card with a special, thoughtful message shows that you care. Whether you give the card in person to a long-term love or send an anonymous note to the object of your affection, this will no doubt brighten their day. And what better accompaniment to a card than flowers? Take a look at the beautiful bouquets available at Flowers24Hours for inspiration.

Flowers. Again, it’s hard to pin down a specific date when flowers became the tradition to give on Valentine’s Day, but it seems as it began in the 17th century. There are many different ideas of the origins of Valentine’s Day, but the tradition of giving flowers may have begun during Victorian times when the ‘Language of Flowers’ became a way to use flowers to communicate and express different emotions. This was the time when the colour and number of flower gifts became important and the tradition of a dozen red roses was born. Today, though, any flower arrangement makes a wonderful gift on February 14th – to show your loved one how much they mean to you.

In England red roses are the tradition – like these rose bouquets – whereas in Denmark white flowers are the customary shade. However, nowadays any colour makes a wonderful gift so don’t be afraid to express your love with pink, yellow, blue or purple blooms. These bright pink roses, for example, will make striking romantic gifts.

Hearts. Have you ever wondered why the heart shape has become a romantic symbol? After all, it barely resembles the actual shape of the human heart! The heart shape developed in the Middle Ages and was used in much religious art of the time. As love was associated with the heart- no surprise, since it beats so rapidly when you see someone you desire – the heart shape became associated with romantic love and Valentine’s Day, the day for lovers. Incorporate hearts into your Valentine’s gift with this rose heart or choose this delightful heart-shaped balloon, teddy and rose in this Can’t Bear It Without You gift.

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