Say Something Special with Valentine’s Day Roses

Although many flowers are imbued with meaning in different cultures and religions, roses are a bloom that hold particular significance depending on their colour and the number given. You may not know how much your choice of Valentine’s day roses are saying to your lover!

Roses are red…

A dozen red roses are of course the most traditional romantic flowers to send on Valentine’s Day. But why red, and why twelve? The red of the roses symbolises passionate love and romance: after all, when you think of red you think of fire, burning sunsets, and even the pulsing of blood from our hearts. And red has become perhaps the definitive colour of love. Choosing red Valentine’s day roses shows that you’re really serious about your partner, and what better expression than a voluptuous bouquet of red flowers?

You could choose Flowers24Hours bouquet of a dozen crimson roses and exotic leaves, but a single red rose can also impress. Its number means ‘you’re the only one’, and the elegance and simplicity of the red rose conjure thoughts of romantic love, Chaucer and Romeo and Juliet. Choose the bold and beautiful Love in a Box to steal your loved one’s heart.

1505619_10152627896038915_5351930421933863647_nMellow yellow Valentine’s day roses

Perhaps a little non-traditional, but hear us out! Yellow flowers symbolise happiness and friendship, so what better shade to choose for your Valentine’s day flowers? After all, a long-term love is about connection and friendship as much as passion and romance. Yellow roses are truly lush and beautiful choices, and will make joyful additions to any room in the house. Turn tradition on its head and choose a dozen yellow roses or present a truly elegant sleeping beauty bouquet with white and yellow roses.

Pretty in pink

Consider pink when you send a bouquet of Valentine’s flowers. A little shyer and more muted than red blooms, this shade nonetheless suggest romance, gratitude and happiness. A bright shade of pink Valentine’s roses will wow your sweetheart, like this Shocking Pink bouquet. Or why not choose a truly sumptuous bouquet made up of bright and dusty pink roses and sweet smelling freesias? This beautiful arrangement is delicate and elegant, and guaranteed to impress the object of your affection.

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How many Valentine’s day roses to give?

Whatever colour or number of Valentine’s day roses you choose to give, they are bound to be a beautiful gift that your loved one will appreciate. But you might like to send a message, or create even greater meaning with your Valentine’s day gifts by carefully choosing the number of blooms. A single rose means ‘love at first sight’ or, ‘you’re still the one’ while a dozen tells your partner that you’re thinking about them all the time (12 hours a day, 12 months a year). 10 roses mean ‘you are perfection’ (how can you go wrong with that?) while 15 roses means ‘I’m sorry’ – a useful tip if you need to apologise for something…

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