Be Inspired With These Valentine’s Day Flowers Ideas!

It’s a timeless expression of love and romance: giving your loved one Valentine’s Day flowers is the perfect way to show how much they mean to you. Colourful bouquets express love, joy and excitement while plants are beautiful, more long-lasting gifts, that are perfect to give to your loved-one this February. Whether you choose classic roses, your partner’s favourite blooms or something unexpected, we’ve put together a selection of the best valentine flowers to give on this very special day.

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The view of roses as romantic flowers has spanned the centuries, cultures and continents and are imbued with meaning depending on their colour, variety and number in a bouquet. Red and pink roses are traditionally associated with love and romance, with red roses being the most popular Valentine’s Day flowers to give. The red sends a message of passion and intensity to your love, and will show your true feelings whether you choose a single bloom or a full bouquet. Valentine’s Day florist Flowers24Hours have a wonderful selection of red blooms – like these seductive six ruby reds (the number symbolising devotion) or this magical rose heart in a bed of exotic leaves. There are red roses to suit any budget and statement you want to make with your
Valentine’s Day flowers.

For a Valentine’s floral arrangement that suggest love, romance and gratitude, go for pink. These Valentine’s Day roses are subtler and more girly than racy reds, but still make a beautiful gift for your other half. This pink rose bouquet incorporates both bright and dusty pinks with sweet smelling freesias is sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face, while these shocking pink beauties have a real wow factor – suggesting passion as well as love.

Remember that the number of roses you choose for your Valentine’s Day flowers is imbued with meaning. Although this tradition doesn’t have the same significance today as it once did, you may want to consider this when you send a bouquet of Valentine’s flowers to create extra meaning and thoughtfulness in your gift. A single rose of any colour (though traditionally red) means love at first sight, or simply ‘I am yours’. Six roses means ‘I love you and miss you’, 12 mean ‘be with me always’ while 24 mean ‘I think about you every hour of every day’. But whatever number of roses your choose for your Valentine’s Day flowers, the object of your affection is sure to be delighted with your choice.

orchids for valentines day flowers orchids same day london delivery and next day orchids delivery ukorchids same day london deliveryOut of the ordinary Valentine’s Day flowers

There’s a lot to be said for thinking outside the box and surprising your loved one with some unexpected Valentine’s Day flowers. Why not send a bouquet of flowers that are a little more exotic than they may expect? This ginger flower bouquet explodes with colour and passion, and is sure to make a good impression on whoever is lucky enough to receive these romantic gifts on this special day. Or imagine coming home to this exciting arrangement full of colour and style? This dramatic display is sure to express your love and desire and also suggests the excitement and spontaneity to come in the relationship.

Birds of paradise flowers and anthuriums are other exotic blooms to consider for your Valentine’s Day flowers, and orchids always make beautiful romantic flowers to give as a gift. White and pink orchids are delicate and mysterious flowers that are guaranteed to impress, and make beautiful additions to any room in the house. Flowers24Hours has orchid plants and bouquets available, as well as bouquets where orchids nestle amongst other flowers and greenery.

A plant could be an unexpected alternative to a traditional bouquet – how about a bonsai tree or an exotic orchid plant? These are more long-lasting gifts that can be displayed in the house much longer than a floral arrangement, but are just as beautiful and thoughtful as a floral arrangement.

red roses london ukPINK ROSES VALENTINES Day FlowersFavourite flowers

It may be the case that your loved one doesn’t have a preference when it comes to Valentine’s Day flowers, bur if they do have a favourite flower, it’s best to go for that! After all, it shows that you listen to them and know what they like, making the gesture evening more meaningful.  Perhaps lilies will make the best romantic flowers this February if these are her favourites. These elegant blooms make beautiful romantic flower bouquets on their own, but also pair well with colourful gerberas, berries and roses. This voluptuous arrangement bursting with colour suggests happiness and affection, while this Fuschia Beauty is full of shades of romantic pink.

There are so many flower bouquets to choose from for your Valentine’s Day flowers and all are beautiful, but if you find out what your partner really likes this is sure to put a smile on their face. Maybe they like traditional roses, or prefer something more rustic like stocks and wildflowers. Or you could choose Valentine’s flowers in their favourite colour – yellow tulips, blue hydrangeas or white lilies. At this time of year tulips, irises and daffodils are coming into season, so these can be incorporated into bouquets if you choose. These brightly coloured blooms are bound to please – especially if they’re part of an arrangement that includes the favourite flowers of your partner!

So what are you waiting for? Put some thought into your Valentine’s Day flowers and you’re bound to bring a smile to the face of your partner. This timeless gift brings colour and joy into someone’s life and also, if you get it right, really shows how much you listen to your loved one and notice the things that are special to them. Whether you choose a floral bouquet bursting with colour or an elegant plant, your other half is guaranteed to be happy with your choice because flowers always bring happiness and joy.

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