Treat the Man in Your Life with These Valentine’s Day Flowers for Him

We might assume that flower gifts are only appreciated by women – but flowers and plants are wonderful gifts to give to anyone, whatever the occasion, and these Valentine’s Day flowers for him are bound to make you think twice about forgoing them this February 14th!

orchid valentines day gifts

A question of colour. A bouquet of red roses or pastel blooms make great romantic gifts for women, but Valentine’s Day flowers for him may be better in bolder shades and shapes. Red can still be a great choice, conveying your passion and love, but you could choose more striking shaped flowers like anthuriums or amaryllis for your gift. This bold Amaryllis Love arrangement is sure to delight anyone who receives them – and makes an unusual alternative to traditional Valentine’s day flowers gifts.

Classy, simple and elegant white blooms are also a great choice for flowers for a man – such as a full bouquet of sensual tulips or this unusual arrangement of calla lilies. Yellow flowers are also a great choice for a man on Valentine’s day – not too feminine but still conveying happiness and joy, bringing a little sunshine into your loved one’s life! A simple bunch of daffodils make a lovely gesture, or go for something more special like this yellow orchid arrangement or go for yellow roses or calla lilies as an elegant choice.

Tropical Valentine’s Day flowers for him. A bolder shape and a real wow-factor are a good choice of flowers for the man in your life- and there are lots of exotic blooms to choose from that are available in exciting shades and shapes, rather than the delicate look of more feminine bouquets. Arrangements incorporating bird-of-paradise, like this striking Exotic Love arrangement – will make a really show-stopping gifts, while anthuriums and ginger flowers with their geometric shapes make ideal Valentine’s Day flowers for him.

This Aztec Gold display is truly stunning – incorporating orange and white exotic blooms framed by strong green leaves. This arrangement is sure to leave your Valentine’s blown away – and will make a wonderful addition to their hallway or displayed in a living room. What better expression of your love than this truly amazing arrangement?

Go for green. Of course, plants make a great alternative to Valentine’s flowers and are great, thoughtful gifts to give to your other half. Flowers24Hours has a great offering of green plants that will be long-lasting presents for your loved one. Consider a curious bonsai tree or a luscious ficus as a gift this Valentine’s day. Flowering plants like orchids, hydrangeas and anthuriums also make great Valentine’s day gifts – bringing a splash of colour into your man’s life to display anywhere in the home.

So who says flowers are just for ladies on Valentine’s Day? Make your man feel special and give him the gift of colourful blooms or a luscious plant this February 14th! Take a look at the impressive array available at Flowers24Hours and don’t delay in ordering your gift.

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