Valentine’s Day Flowers and Chocolates—the Magic Combination!

Flowers24Hours has some of the sweetest romantic gifts and flowers combinations this Valentine’s Day—in every sense of the word! Valentine’s Day Flowers and Chocolates are a way to re-capture your love’s heart by touching on every one of the five senses! Flowers24Hours sensuous selection of fanciful bouquets and tempting gourmet chocolates make the Valentine’s Day experience complete.

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Every 14th of February, no matter how many times you have sent flowers throughout the year, having valentines flowers delivered is something of a must-do. Of course, Valentine’s Day flowers and chocolates make it even better! Even if flower bouquets are expected at this time of year, the build-up leading to Valentine’s Day lends itself to the excitement. Year after year, the sweet exchange of cards, the romantic dinner by candlelight, and the loud, grandiose displays of love are no less special. Valentine’s Day flowers and chocolates delivered by Flowers24Hours are the way to celebrate and surprise that special valentine.

Romantic flower bouquets can be a Valentine’s gift on their own. Of course, some valentines flower arrangements serve as gifts in themselves. All you have to do is add a personal note or a card to the hand-wrapped flower bouquet and that special gift will be complete. Valentine’s Day, like many of the holidays we share with those we love, is about the act of giving and exchanging and making it personal. When it comes to showing love, flowers have been used to celebrate and demonstrate beauty for thousands of years. Through their delicate scent, captivating image and natural meaning flowers contain, they can reflect and inspire beauty in so many ways. Flowers24Hours makes it simple to send a bouquet of flowers and say exactly how much you love someone on Valentine’s Day.

Big Love

As a Valentine’s Day florist, Flowers24Hours has plenty of flower bouquets to choose from, ranging from some contemporary twists on the red rose bouquet, to the classic, big and beautiful floral designs that are carefully arranged with red roses, white roses, darling freesias and bright green foliage. The Jane Austen, Edwardian bouquet, and Queen Catharine bouquets are classic, elaborate floral arrangements that are full of feminine allure, an intoxicating appeal and stately appearance. Sweet Roses and Freesias combine many shades of pink and red roses with either white or lightly scented purple freesias. You get pick what’s perfect according to your valentine’s taste.

Valentine’s Day gifts: bears, gift boxes and baskets. Even better than valentines flowers and chocolates, you might want to surprise your sweetheart with another magical combination—romantic flower bouquet, something decadently sweet and an adorable plush stuffed teddy bear. Flowers24Hours has cute toy bears that come in boxes and gift baskets of all sizes, whether it’s the miniature teddy in Treats in a Box-Red Rose, complete with Lindt chocolates; or the Little Chocoholic that brings out a bigger bear and lots more gourmet sweets. Both of these treats can be enjoyed together, as long you’re able to convince your valentine to share!

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