Valentine’s Day Bouquet Tips

You can get your Valentine any number of gifts this February, anywhere from chocolates to stuffed animals. But if you know that special someone’s heart will melt the most from flowers, then go for it!

There are few things you should know that will make the process of choosing a bouquet or single stem a little easier.

First off, it is best to stick to the traditional Valentine’s colours, unless you know your special lady well, and want to surprise her with her favourite colour of bouquet. But if the relationship is fresh, or you know that the recipient is not that eccentric, the red, pink and white are the route to take.

Pinks and whites are also good choice if the love is fresh, as they do not have a strong a romantic implication as red roses. Purple has been a popular colour this year, and might seem fairly neutral, but it actually shows the strong passion, so give it only if you are part of a long-time couple.

If you want your Valentine to remember you gift, long after the flowers have wilted, choose an arrangement that has been placed in a beautiful or interesting vase. Fresh flowers, are the best choice for this occasion, and could be used again for future bouquets!

The Generous Love arrangement available at, has put a great twist on a simple glass vase. Deep red roses are beautifully arranged in a tall glass vase full of Lindt chocolates. This combination of chocolate and roses is sure to bring some warmth into the heart of your special lady!

For a lady that likes simple elegance Love in a Box is a great choice. It is delivered in a luxurious hard box, the simplicity of this gift is what makes it so truly breathtaking.

Have your gift of love delivered anywhere in London same-day or next-day in the rest of the UK. And enjoy the love!

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