Unusual Flowers and an Unusual Flower Shop

Eco-friendly flowersIf you do not have the green thumb to grow eco-friendly flowers then there is a new solution for you – flowers that are grown near your home.

Silke Vom Bauer has come up with this idea and will be having the opening of her flower shop and nursery this weekend. The flowers she will be selling are locally grown and easily sustainable.

Vom Bauer is very keen on keeping her shop eco-sensible. Most of the materials she used to build the store are recycled, some of them even from the dump. Her display tables are made out of old doors, while pieces used to decorate the store are from garage sales or antique shops. Her olive trees are planted in cattle troughs, her containers for flowers have simply been given a new spin. By putting her flowers into these unconventional pots they can make an interesting gift on their own.

Her flowers are also unusual. She gets her flowers from local growers, so that they don’t have to be shipped in from Australia and New Zealand. She delivers her flower arrangements to customers in a vehicle fueled with biodiesel.

She is a major part of the West Marin organic community in California, and she draws a lot of her inspiration from local organic farmers.

[Via: marinij.com]

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