Unexpected Ideas for Romantic Flowers this Valentine’s Day

Yes, roses are always a winner on Valentine’s Day – but why not think outside the box this February 14th and take a look at the more unusual choices for romantic flowers for your beloved?

orchid flowers for valentines day by london floristAll about orchids

These mysterious, delicate blooms have been revered as meaningful symbols since Ancient Greece when they were seen as a sign of virility. The Victorians considered orchids to be the ultimate luxury flower – so what better choice for the romantic flowers you give to your loved? Flowers24Hours have an exquisite range of these romantic flowers in shades to suit every taste – from elegant white to bright yellows and pinks. Consider your sweetheart’s favourite colour flower when choosing your Valentine’s Day flower gifts, or go for a shade with meaning. Sizzling pinks, like this striking floral arrangement of orchids, send a message of hot passion and romance while yellow conveys joy and happiness and green flowers (an unusual colour for flowers but a shade you can find in orchids) symbolise growth, health and hope. Give a truly unique gift with this curious Box of Delights: exotic pale green orchid flowers nestled amongst delicious Lindt Lindor gift chocolates. Who could resist? Or why not add a decadent bottle of Moet & Chandon champagne to your orchid flower gift, to create a truly luxurious Valentine’s surprise for a loved one.orchid valentines day gifts3) Treasures_resize

bouquet for valentines day delivery in london and flowers uk delivery“I heart hydrangeas”

These delicate blooms are like little clouds of colour, and work beautifully in romantic flower bouquets with orchids, roses and lilies. Their name means ‘water vessel’ in Greek, both referring to the flowers need for plenty of water and their water droplet shaped leaves. Available in pastel shades of pink, blue, green, purple and white, they make the perfect romantic flowers. This sumptuous Enlightenment bouquet of regal purple and elegant white hydrangeas is bursting with colour and luxury, and dotted with creamy yellow roses. There’s no doubt the object of your affection will be impressed when presented with these gorgeous romantic flowers. Or conjure up thoughts of magic and fairies with this Titania arrangement where mauve hydrangea and pink roses peak from a forest of foliage: a sweet and fresh bouquet to brighten your home and your loved one’s heart.

A pastel coloured bouquet for online deliveries London UK

pink-yellow-calla-lily-orchid-handtie-flowers-350Turn to the tropics for romantic flowers

Your Valentine’s Day flowers can really wow when you choose exotic blooms in bold shades and fascinating shapes. Want an alternative to red rose? Crimson anthuriums have shiny, oval petals and make the perfect unexpected Valentine’s floral arrangement. This show-stopping Fantasia bouquet explodes with passionate shades of red and pink courtesy of geometric ginger flowers, ruby roses and delicate gerberas – a cornucopia of blooms that truly express your love and joy to your partner. Ginger flowers come in vibrant shades and are beautiful when arranged with verdant palm leaves, while birds of paradise flowers and calla lilies are also wonderful alternative to traditional roses this Valentine’s day.

Your flower gift doesn’t need to be safe choices – be bold and go for something unexpected with your gift this February!

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