Unexpected places to display flowers from a flower shop

London flower shop Flowers24Hours have a range of beautiful flowers for all occasions – from presents for same day gift delivery, elegant arrangements for events, and bouquets to brighten your home or office. But where to display them? There are classic places to arrange flowers to brighten and enliven any space: entrance halls, coffee tables, kitchen and bathroom windowsills – but why not think beyond this and places flowers in unexpected places? There’s no doubt that flowers can add that certain je ne sais quo to a space, unlike any other addition. Chat to your London flower shop to discover the best blooms for your house and style and then get creative with adding them to your home.

Bathroom flowers

Brighten the boudoir

Take a glass jar (it could be a jam jar you’ve already used, or one picked up from a market) and tie ribbon around the opening – then tie to a door handle. Fill with water and then add flowers from a London flower shop to create a delightful adornment. Daffodils, roses (for extra romance!) carnations and peonies will all work very well for this look. Want a decadent but unexpected look? Use a perfume bottle to display flowers such as peonies or roses and display on a dressing table or bedside table. Flowers by the bedside are always a good choice- adding colour, lovely scent and a touch of romance.

Bathroom flowers from a London flower shop

The bathroom doesn’t seem the obvious place for flowers, but it’s actually great for houseplants due to the moisture and light, and is also a great place to display blooms to brighten the space. Add houseplants that love moisture – like succulents and ferns – beside the sink, or dot small glass vases around the space. Orchids are also perfect choices from a London flower shop to create an elegant look. White hydrangeas on a cabinet or a jug of freesias on a chair will create a lovely, decadent feel to the bathroom as well as sweet smells! Order same day flowers – like a delightful jug of purple freesias – and get creative with a bathroom look today.

Seated flower arrangements

Yes, chairs are for sitting – but sometimes a beautiful chair (wooden, painted and artfully distressed) makes the perfect places for a flower arrangement to brighten the surroundings. Chairs like this can be found at markets and antique shops, or you could do up one you already have. Whether displayed by the front door, in the living room, bedroom or bathroom, adding a jug, bucket or vase of blooms will instantly brighten and lighten the space. Top UK florists have plenty of lovely flowers this time of year to work perfectly for this look – like gladioli, irises and stocks. Tall and colourful is the order of the day!

Fleur Same Day Flower Arrangement Bathroom Flowers

Chat to the florists at your London flower shop to find out what the best flowers would be for you and how you could arrange them in interesting displays in unexpected places to make your home beautiful.

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