Most Uncommon (and beautiful!) Spring Flowers for Gardens and Bouquets

Spring flowers come in all varieties, and while lots of people spend time in gardens with zinnias, crocuses and daisies, or make breathtaking bouquets of white, red and yellow tulips, we decided to showcase of our favourite less common spring flowers. Plant them in your yard, pick them up from your favourite London florist. Either way, enjoy!


Oriental poppies

Get ready to garden party—with these bright and festive blossoms your yard or indoor home decor will be conducive for all sorts of spring and summer festivities. Orange, purple and red petals, widespread like parasols, are particularly vibrant and beautiful.

Pasque flowers

If you are planting these little pretties yourself, then they’ll probably fare well in the typical English climate of wet, moderate winters and mild summer. But make sure you buy the European variety. Sleek, lavender to purple and blue hues in their petals make for a majestic atmosphere or flower bouquet.

Wood anemone

White, green and yellow varieties—in fact, these flowers are cousins to the buttercup—sprout beautifully with five slightly curled petals, reaching up into that gorgeous clear blue sky!

Leopard’s Bane

The name sounds a little scarier than these flowers are in real life. A little bit like a gerberas daisy, the yellow and slender, almost spiked, many petaled flowers are a profusion of cheery yellow and springtime delight.

Fawn lily

You’ll be fawning over the elegant and at once touching, sweet sway and bloom of this strikingly majestic flower. It carries the five recognisable, unfurled petals of the lily and a tiny drooped posture like that of bluebell flowers.


Coming in white and the flashier pink varieties, these are flower buds that burst into irresistible blooms, four petals spiralling outward that look like miniature star bursts. They are perfect in flower arrangements or strung together for wedding decor, homemade flower fashion, or to decorate your windowsill.


Is this the flower of the future? Sure sounds like it. Looks like it, too, with extravagant, almost psychedelic depth and variance to their colours, shape and veined patterns that line their petals.

Give your flowers a happy home

We also suggest paying attention to how you are displaying and growing your unusual spring flowers. The best accessory that you can partner unusual flowers with is a fantastically unusual flower pot. Donna Atanasova from Fantastic Services Australia a quirky focal point. “To look super special your garden needs a focal point but don’t worry, you won’t have to spend a fortune. You can simply search the flea market for an old urn, you can then transform the old rusted urn into a alternative home for your alternative flowers.”

Moreover, don’t let restricted space prevent your garden from enjoying these fantastic flowers. A fantastic tip provided by Reza Khastou the founder of The Polytech explains that “you can make the most of any space by using your vertical space. This is something that many people don’t think of, however an inexpensive, DIY vertical garden will not only allow you to utilise all of your space but will add a quirky and cosy ambience to your garden.”

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