Think Outside the Box this Summer with These Inspiring Flower Ideas

With long days, sunny weather and celebrations taking place galore, summer is the perfect time to get creative with flowers for your home and events. Bring colour and freshness into your home with summer flower arrangements – and don’t be afraid to incorporate your own ideas and personal style. The same goes for summer parties: whether it’s a baby shower, a birthday or just an excuse for a party, you can really wow your guests with some of these simple but unexpected ideas for your summer flower displays. Don’t forget, if you can order flowers anytime from Flowers24Hours who have a wonderful range to suit all tastes and occasions.

Natural elements. Whether your flower bouquet brightens your living room or adorns your party table, you can get creative by adding natural elements to your flower vessels. Add slices of lemon and oranges to your glass vase to add popping colour, or fill with artificial ice cubes to create a fresh, sparkling look. You could also drop seashells and pebbles into your vases to conjure the sense of the seaside.

And if you’re going for a seaside look, why not use seashells and nautical elements to embellish your floral displays? Twine wrapped round stems or vases adorned with decorative anchors and a blue and white colour scheme cry Ahoy! to your summer party guests. This bouquet of white roses and bright blue cornflowers are the perfect floral choice for this look. Driftwood can also make a beautiful addition to a table or to adorn your house and netting, starfish and dried seaweed can be added to flower displays and table arrangements to complete your seaside look.

For a more earthbound feel, use moss, bark and leaves to decorate your floral arrangements and decorate your flower vessels. Bark can be wrapped around a vase and herbs and leaves added to a bouquet will create a charming rustic look. Flowers24Hours have inspiring green-themed arrangements, perfect for summer parties or the home, like this fresh and floral arrangement that incorporates exotic green anthuriums and this charming potted gerbera display where green moss offsets the subtle shades of the flowers.

summer flowers and summer flower decoration ideas by london floristsThink outside the vase. Whether you’re decorating your home this summer or entertaining indoors or out, there’s no need to stick to traditional vases to display your beautiful flowers. Single, long stemmed blooms like roses or gerberas standing in a slim glass bottle will look elegant and dainty dotted across a long table. Or cut a bounteous singe bloom like a peony and add to small bowls, or float delicate flower heads in shallow bowls of water. Add tea lights or floating candles to the surface to create a really magical look.

If you want to a create a more rustic, country-style feel, add wild flowers to wine glasses or arrange summer flowers like dahlias and daisies in mason jars. A watering can or window box can make unusual vessels for your outdoor flowers – perfect for a laid back summer party or BBQ. A jug of English roses will create a beautiful country garden look, and this Jane Austen floral arrangement will look perfect in your rustic vase.

Tutti frutti. Why should fruit be consigned to a salad? Add decadence and uniqueness to your floral arrangements by incorporating a fruity touch. Imagine grapes cascading over a vase or antique jug filled with bounteous roses- a display fit for Bacchus! Green grapes can be an unexpected alternative to foliage in a display of yellow and purple blooms, while red grapes hanging from purple arrangements of roses and hydrangeas will look truly striking at the table. Drop crisp apples into a clear glass vase or nestle them into your floral bouquet. You could add orange and lemon slices to your arrangement, or use whole fruits for interesting textures and shapes. Rosehips add splashes of crimson to this gorgeous sunflower arrangement, that comes complete with it’s own vase.

Use a pineapple as a vase for outdoor entertaining, or indoors if the sun isn’t shining! Simply cut off the leafy top, cut out the middle, snip your flower stems to the desired length and arrange in the pineapple. Voila! A tasty tropical table display for your summer do. You could also add dry oasis to the pineapple to add height to your arrangement. You could use any blooms to your pineapple vase, but if you want to keep with the tropical theme, take a look at the exotic London flowers available at Flowers24Hours.

Foodie flowers for online delivery. You can create really unusual flower arrangements for your summer event by taking food as an inspiration! Instead of meat and vegetables, thread flowers onto skewers and arrange them in a dish on the table. It might sound strange, but it creates a surprisingly delicate look that’s bound to create a talking point for your guests.

Create your floral feast centrepiece by threading bright blooms like gerberas, roses and carnations onto skewers and placing on a platter on top of greenery like herbs, ferns or even salad leaves. Add to the foodie theme by using lemon slices to add colour and zing! Or, to save you the time and trouble, Flowers24Hours have an elegant flower tray of white blooms that will look beautiful on a white table cloth under the summer sun.

You can really delight your guests by freezing tiny flowers like pansies, forget-me-nots and daisies in ice cubes. Add these to drinks and ice buckets for a fairy tale feel. If you want the cubes to melt and add flavour to drinks, you could also freeze pieces of lemon, herbs and berries. They’ll look beautiful and be a unique addition to any occasion.

Create your look today! Take a look at these beautiful bouquets and flower displays from Flowers24Hours, where you’ll find all the flowers you need – from bright blooms to get creative with, or expertly crafted designs readymade for your home or summer occasion.

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