The Novice Guide to Understanding Roses

They represent love and romance, coming in various different shapes and sizes. Roses truly are the perfect flower to use when you want to show you care or issue someone with hearty congratulations. On the surface they may be a flower that looks self-explanatory, but in reality there is actually plenty more depth to roses than first meets the eye. If you are wondering about all the types of roses that are available and what they mean, then the following will explain all.

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What colours roses are available?

When it comes to colours roses come in the proverbial spectrum, from white to black and all the colours that come in-between. In most instances roses are dyed, with the colour being forcefully infused into the flower. Those who are looking to buy natural coloured roses need to stick to red in most instances. Charlotte, rouge, pink, crimson, burgundy, and red roses among others are all readily available, with each different shade carrying a different meaning. For example, dark crimson roses indicate mourning, while red roses showcase passion and affection. Thinking about it, you are likely to find that roses truly are the flower for all occasions.

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How many roses should I give?

While the colour of the rose indicates the feeling attached to them, so does the number of roses given. You need to think carefully when deciding on the number of roses you give, as they go a long way towards determining the level of sentiment of the gesture. When it comes to love a single red rose will usually say what you feel, while giving a dozen red roses often signifies additional feelings of thanks and gratitude. Those looking to congratulate somebody may want to think about giving 25 roses, with the ultimate gift being 50 roses, which showcases feelings of true and unconditional love.

How do I prolong the life of roses?

Learning all about what roses are available and what they mean is simple enough, but you’ll also need to take care of them in the right manner. In order to make sure that roses look good for as long as possible, you will need to advise the recipient on what to do next. First, they need to make sure that the roses are removed from their wrapping as soon as possible. Before displaying them 2cm should be cut from each individual stem, as this will increase their ability to absorb and distribute water. Following that, put the roses straight into a vase filled with water and add a single sachet of flower food. Finally, advise the recipient to change the water every three or four days and they’ll soon find that their roses are vibrant, full of life, and set to last. Remember, if you really want to get the very best out of your bouquet you need to work to maintain it.




How do I display roses?

After making sure that they set to last, you need to make sure that your new bouquet of UK roses looks the part. Preparing roses for display isn’t difficult; just make sure you keep them out of direct sunlight. Apart from that, given time and patience, they are sure blossom and brighten up any room that they are displayed within.

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