What Flowers Say About Your Personality

Beyond the marketing ploys to get us shopping there really is something to be said about the fact that what we prefer, wear and purchase says a lot about the type of person we are. Understanding how we express ourselves through the things we surround ourselves with, can lead – not only—to a better self awareness, but can help us understand those around us.


But now enough with the philosophy! Why is it important that we know what our loved ones love? Or what we love? The answer is quite simple… to make our lives easier. The next time our best friend celebrates an event, we won’t have to spend hours agonizing over, whether or not we should buy them that fresh flower bouquet of purple lilies, we will know.  Ordering flowers online couldn’t be simpler with London florist Flowers24Hours, the UK florist has a vast selection of fresh flowers which can be delivered same day to London and next day delivery nationwide. The UK florist can help with giving guidence to customers wanting advice on flower colours and design.

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The kind of ability, or background information on assessing ourselves and those close to us, can be spread out to the rest of our lives. Instead of looking at our boss for direction, we could sometimes glance around and pay attention to the little details of their persona. I had a boss once who was a fairly tough woman (we were working at a ranch), but even in this outdoorsy atmosphere, she would always have something floral such as freesias in soft pinks or purples or fresh roses mixed with scented lilies.

She would also wear very classy little silver earrings, which also gave hint to her more romantic nature. So we all knew when there was a birthday coming up, a bouquet of roses would never go wrong. We would be able easily order online with a London florist without her knowing she gave off hints about her personality.

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Currently, I am working as a teacher. There is a dress code and you feel compelled to dress age-appropriate. My teenage and student days were spent as a rocker black and heavy boots were the norm. Now I have refined my style but it seems almost beyond my control that there is a hint of edginess to the things I adorn. A little sparkle, maybe some nice leather heels with a couple refined studs, just giving the slightest sign of the essence of my personality. For my last birthday, I received birthday flowers such as Heliconia from my friends, though I never really talk about these things, I am not a big fan of the standard, nice round bouquet of roses. I was really impressed by these large bright tropical flowers, they looked a little like a punk-rockers Mohawk, and I loved the colours! The brighter the better!

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When assessing someone’s tastes (in flowers or otherwise). Look at what colour they wear the most… If you never see them wear red, you should tick that off your list, they might not like the colour. Pay attention to some clues from the past. Did they enjoy long hikes in the woods, when they were with you? This could be a hint that they might appreciate a bit of nature in their home. This is perfect opportunity to give a potted plant. Someone who was an A-student, sporty and likes to live by the rules will probably prefer some clean cut lines, such as classics hand-tied flowers.

The next time you are preparing to order flowers online for a sameday London delivery, play this game of figuring out their true personality, you might really enjoy the process and learn something new!

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