Trendy Violas

Trendy ViolasViolas are the latest trend for fall planting this year. Spreading or trailing violas are what you should keep your eyes open for. They are the best for mixed containers, window boxes and landscape.

A couple of years ago, the Violina series made its debut and since then it has seen a lot of popularity. This year there are new members to the group of violas: Violina Orange, Violina Purple Blue — these flowers look especially stunning and make a great impact. These violinas also have a lovely fragrance and even by themselves they look great in hanging baskets. They will grow to up to 6 inches and have a spread of about 14 inches.

There is also a Rebelina series of violas coming out on the market this year. These violas do not spread as much and they produce many small flowers. The colours to look out for in this series are: Rebelina Golden Yellow, Rebelina Blue and Yellow, Rebelina Red and Yellow, and Rebelina Purple and Yellow.

The most important thing to remember with violas is that preparation of the flower beds is most important. Peat incorporated into the topsoil gives the best growing results with these flowers.


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