Toyota develops new flower to reduce carbon footprint

Toyota Flowers

Flowers Engineered to Help Reduce Carbon Footprint

Flowers certainly do a lot to make our surroundings as pleasant as possible, but could they could be helping us work toward reducing carbon emissions.

Two new types of flowers have been genetically engineered by Toyota, one deriving from the cherry sage and the other gardenia plants. The Toyota Prius plant in Toyota City, Japan, is notorious for its high carbon emissions and these flowers are able to remove nitrogen oxides and heat from the atmosphere thereby offsetting carbon dioxide (C02) emissions.

The Prius has been market as a green car, but has received a lot of criticism for not being as clean as has been advertised, as manufacturing and production emissions create a lot of pollution.

Solar panels have been added to several buildings at the plant, low-grown lawns are being used to help reduce watering and moving. Along with the development of these environment-cleaning flowers 50,000 trees were planted two years ago in another attempt to reduce the carbon footprint created by the company.


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