'Tis the Season Without Flowers

Most people in colder climates are saying goodbye to their flowers, and sadly looking at the last remains of their once beautiful gardens.

Season Without Flowers

In places where interior gardens are hard to find, this means six cold months of flower deprivation, with only garden catalogs or magazines to satisfy the needs of avid gardeners.

This is not the case for those who live near Roger Williams Park in New England. This is the home of the largest garden conservatory in the state. It has been open for the past two years, and is found in the Victorian-era Roger Williams Park.

This center is the home of various collections of tropical and semitropical species of plants, fountains and pools. It is basically a 12,000-square-foot garden under a sheet of glass. The city of Providence operates this garden with help from the Environment and Life Sciences Outreach Center, running educational programs about botany.

A good piece of news for flower lovers is that this is the best time of year to visit — spring and autumn are the seasons with the most blooms. There is just about anything you can imagine to be found at this garden: cacti, orchids, flowering trees, and many other plants and flowers from around the world.

[Via: The Christian Science Monitor]

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