Tips for Tulips

TulipsTulips are a flower that even the most amateur gardener can plant and recognize. Yet there is always new trivia to learn about even with such a common flower. For example, it is said that by putting two pennies in a vase with tulips that are starting to wilt will make them stand up straight again.

In fact, tulips are the only cut flower that continues to grow even after it has been trimmed. Some tulips even grow an inch or two after they have been cut. Tulips need to be placed where the light is right above them as they bend and grow toward light sources.

Tulips can last several days if they are taken care of in the right way. You need to cut the stems as soon as you get home. It is best to cut them at about a half an inch from the end. Placing them in a vase with fresh water and floral preservative is also a good idea. The water in the vase needs to be kept clean, and cutting the stems every other day is recommended.

[Via: Washington Post]

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