Tips for Saving on Your Wedding Flowers

Tips for Saving on Your Wedding FlowersPicking flowers for any wedding can be quite complicated — bouquets, boutonnieres, the corsages, the ceremony flowers and each reception detail needs to be considered. Most of the time this can also be extremely costly. There are few tips to follow which will help you keep your flower budget low.

First, you need to pick local flowers that are cheaper. Dahlias, orchids and hydrangeas are really beautiful, but they only bloom for a short time and have sky-high prices. Your own backyard is the best place to look, and flowers that are native to your area can be just as beautiful as something exotic.

Elise James from Easy Weddings says: “If you’re looking at getting your flowers on a budget, opt for flowers that are in season as they won’t incur international importing costs – roses, baby’s breath and greenery will all be good here.

“Another good option for shopping on a budget is native flowers  as you can shop locally for these.”

The next tip is to consider using the floral arrangements from the ceremony for the reception. There is no written rule saying that you can’t do that, using the flowers for both events can cut your flower costs in half. Choosing an outdoor venue can solve the problem of flowers entirely.

The final tip is to stay creative, sometimes you need to forget traditions and go with your own ideas. Your bouquets and boutonnieres do not need to be floral, you can uses sea shells, sea grass, coral, sea glass and many other things instead of having a bouquet.

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