Time to Start Pressing Flowers

Time to Start Pressing Flowers

This is the season when blooms and fresh leaves run abundant, and it is also the time to start cutting flowers and leaves for pressing.

There are several tricks you can try for pressing your flowers. First of all, you can put them in between two sheets of copy paper or coffee filters, then between paper towels or cardboard. Using rubber bands to hold them together turn the microwave on high for 30-60 second intervals, opening the microwave to let out steam and to check how dry the flowers are.

The traditional method is probably the best way to go on drying flowers – just put them on some newsprint and then place them in the middle of a heavy book, leaving it for few days.

Some craft books even have instructions for creating your own press machine, so if you are extremely enthusiastic you can give this a try.

[Via: examiner.com]

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