Time to Start Planting Asters

The aster is a fall flower which grows in abundance across the United States. Most Americans would not even consider planting this flower in their gardens because it would almost seem pointless. However, across the Atlantic the British feel quite differently.

AstersAt the beginning of the 20th century a love affair started between the English and the aster. They created many hybrids and they became a signature feature at cottages and in formal gardens. After their cultivation in England they were sent across the ocean to American gardens.

Now they are returning to England with a new name, “Michaelmas daisy.”

The two types of American species that really caught the eye of British gardeners were the New England aster and the New York aster. The two types of aster are very difficult to differentiate as the wild versions of the species will often mate. The New England aster is usually larger growing to a height of 6 feet high and 6 feet wide and the flowers generally have a deeper violet colour.

There are also deliberate hybrids of these two species and this is when the colour and plant size varies.

The best companion for aster in the garden is the goldenrod with its clear yellow flowers. The great thing about this flower is that if you cannot enjoy it in your garden then you can always find some in the wild.

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