This Summer Petunias are the Hottest Flowers in the Garden

PetuniasSince air conditioning was invented patios and decks are the most popular place to relax, cook and eat outdoors. Another thing that has become popular is petunias in decorated pots and containers. Petunias are also lovely in hanging baskets with their lush foliage hanging over the sides.

Now there are several varieties of petunias, and are not the same bland flower we remember. The newer flowers are called “Potunia,” “Surfinia,” and “Supertunia.”

The most popular version of the Petunia among growers is the Potunia. The reason for this is the new craze among gardeners to plant flowers in containers — this flower is perfect for such use and it creates a really beautiful effect.

The Potunia is so popular that it is at the top of the University of Florida’s list. Another thing that is great about this flower is that it comes in a huge variety of wonderful colors like Pink, Neon, Deep Purple, Mixed, dazzling Lobster and Dark Red.

The best option for gardeners interested in growing this flower is the pre-planted container. Not only is this the easiest avenue – it is also at a fairly good price.

The Petunia requires a lot of watering. It is a good idea to feed this flower regularly, as the constant watering really drains the soil of nutrients.

Petunias in containers make such a dazzling sight that it is often enough to plant them on their own.

[Via: BaltimoreSun]

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