Theft of State Flowers

Theft of State FlowersThe state flower of Minnesota is truly eye-catching – it’s the beautiful lady’s slipper.

This flower is a type of orchid and has stunning pink and white petals that create a pouch-like shape. But these flowers have been facing problems recently, as thieves have been stealing them.

Even though the theft of plants and flowers is a criminal act, it is an occurrence that has become ever more common in the nation. In southern Minnesota some of the thefts have gone under investigation.

Frank Brunner recently witnessed one of these thefts in his neighborhood, he saw a man and woman get out of a car on a road close to his house, the woman went into the ditch and came out with a handful of flowers.

Brunner said, “I hollered at her and I said, ‘Hey you can’t pick them, those are state flowers!’ And away they went it never fazed her.”

This comes as bad news to the lady slipper as it has already been on a decline with loss of habitat due to development…

[Via: Agri News]

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