The Truth behind Spring flowers

tulips in a pot

Well spring is almost here and we will be giving flowers left and right, as they are in season and with Easter and Mother’s Day coming, they come up as the best gifts. But as with any other holiday you might want to have a look at the meanings of the blooms your giving before you have them sent.

Of course, if you know your mother loves tulips, then get her tulips! But if you are sending flowers to someone you do not know all that well, or are actually hoping to get a certain message across, then it does not hurt to know exactly what you’re sending.

As we all know roses are usually a more romantic flower, you have to be more careful when sending red, white, or orange roses as they have more romantic meanings. Whereas, pink and yellow roses can also convey meanings of friendship and joy. Yellow is especially appropriate for spring as it also represents new beginnings. Search for roses and other flowers according to colour at

Spring narcissus also represents a new beginning and a symbol of fresh starts. But it can also have an apologetic undertone. An arrangement of this flower will surely bring across the joys of spring.

For someone you truly care for and love, the rose might not be enough, instead a beautiful bouquet of tulips like the Tulip Kisses arrangement. Will show you care on a deeper level. This flower is a symbol of true love.

Whichever flower you opt for, have them delivered on time and to the exact location you desire, same-day in London and next-day anywhere else in the UK. This is a great time of year for fresh starts and great surprises!

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