The Top Roses for Cutting

There are several new varieties of roses out this summer and some of them are better suited to cutting.

The Princess Alexandra is absolutely one of the best for cutting. It has a wonderful scent, a bright magenta color, and grows on a long stem (usually there’s just one rose grows per stem). This rose lasts for quite a long time — more than a week indoors.

The following rose is called White Gold. This flower is one of the newest on the market, bred by Harkness in Hitchin. It blooms into a beautiful rose with a whitish gold color, and slight tinge of pink. If kept in a vase indoors it will last a long time. This rose also has a lovely scent.William Shakespeare 2000

The next rose has the most interesting name, William Shakespeare 2000. It has a lovely dark crimson color and is best known for the fact that it is extremely healthy. In certain lighting this rose can almost appear black. It grows on a shrub that needs to be pruned in fall and spring. The William Shakespeare 2000 rose should be grown in dry areas as it doesn’t like rain.

Finally the Golden Celebration is a good pick if you want lovely orangey-yellow flowers in your home. It fares quite well in a vase. This rose also grows on shrub so it should be pruned in spring and fall.

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