The Power of Flowers

Flowers are not only fragrant decorations for the home or garden, they are also a symbol of life and also have the power to heal.

flower essencesYou may think only hippies would use flower essences to become harmonious but in truth many cultures have used flower remedies to promote healing. These remedies for well-being have been used in Ancient Egypt, India, Asia, South America, Europe and Australia.

In Europe this method of healing was rediscovered by Englishman Dr. Edward Bach in the 1920’s. In “The Australian Bush Flower Essences,” he explored the healing remedies found in Australia. There is a huge diversity of flowers in Australia and some of the oldest varieties are found there.

To draw out their healing elements flowers are distilled in water and then placed in direct sunlight.

These essences have up to 68 qualities which make them remedial. A modern pioneer of these qualities is Ian White who is still continuing his research. He grew up in the Australian bush and learned many healing remedies from his grandmother, who used only plants and flowers for healing and she taught him all the things that she knew.


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