The Orchid Cactus, a Flower with a Huge Fan Base

Orchid Cactus

The Orchid Cactus is one of those plants that you usually won’t notice when walking through a garden. It has long branches that are fairly disheveled and it is not really the most beautiful sight most of the year round. From February to June, this flower becomes a sight for sore eyes. When it blooms it has large bright colored flowers, red, orange, violet and gold, which can be as large as 13 inches in diameter.

The flowers of this plant do not last long, they close up and die after only four days. However one plant can have many buds, so the blooming period becomes extended, on the condition that temperatures at night remain under 50 degrees. If nights become warm, then all the buds open up at once and the blooming season becomes shorter.

These flowers have quite a fan base. Polish soprano Ganna Walska bought a huge collection of the Orchid Cactus and hung them up on the oak trees of her property. Her flowers were not restricted to the garden, she is found wearing the blooms behind her ear in some photos. Plants are also auctioned off by the hundreds on EBay each month.


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