The Ontario Flower Growers Auction

The Ontario Flower Growers Auction

The Ontario Flower Growers auction is in full swing in Mississauga. Buyers opening up their wallets to get the best roses, gardenias, chrysanthemums and more.

This auction works along the lines of something called a Dutch auction, where five days of the week the prices of flowers are set.

There are two huge clocks in a tiered auction room, the babble of an auctioneer is absent, buyers set their bids via computerized keypads, with the clocks counting down their time.

Waiting long enough gets you great prices, but being to anxious or too cautious means you might miss out.

Anne Cao from Courtice, has been attending the auction for 20 years, she says, “It’s like a big game of chicken, you wait until the price drops as far as you think you can wait without somebody else buying what you want. It’s a rush.”

[Via: TheStar]

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