The Mood Enhancing Sunflower

If you want to add a little brightness to your life the best way to do it is to plant some lovely sunflowers in your garden. They are the happy flower because of their broad, bobbing, and inviting faces.

The Mood Enhancing Sunflower

Mary Barlett, owner of Barlett Meadows says, “I don’t know anyone who doesn’t smile when they see a sunflower.”

Barlett grows other varieties of flowers along with 10 types of sunflowers, which she distributes to florists in the Pensacola, Florida area. However, she says that the joy evoked by sunflowers cannot compare to the rest.

This flower is also extremely easy to grow and quintessential for a summer garden.

Sunflowers grow very quickly, in the span of a few weeks, but they do need lots of sun and room to grow. Water and fertilizer should be used moderately. Pesticides should not be used as sunflowers attract bees, which can help the rest of your garden to thrive.

Not only will the sunflower brighten your garden but it can also make your indoor bouquets look unique and elaborate.


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