The Meaning of Flowers for Mother’s Day

The Meaning of Flowers for Mothers DayOne-fifth of purchases made in the United States are made for Mother’s Day, coming in second just to Christmas.

Cut flowers are the most popular purchase, with 37% of the flowers being outdoor gardening plants, while 22% are flowering and green houseplants.

Bouquets of flowers were used as a means of communication with suitors during the Victorian era. Interest, love and kindness were expressed with a bouquet of flowers, which was usually pinned to a woman’s dress or held while she walked.

Today, nearly 19% of women buy flowers for themselves, but the red rose has not lost the meaning of “I love you.”

Jenny Sparks, the director of consumer marketing for the Society of American Florists, says, “Women are in touch with themselves and they will buy themselves flowers, or they will buy flowers for their mothers, sister and friends.”

According to Sparks, the language of flowers has lost its meaning but, “The red rose still signifies love, but today people buy flowers based on a special event or moment. And besides, flowers make people happy.”

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