The Garden Full of Fruit and Flowers

Hallie Holtzman, an expert landscaper/interior designer, recently let the Los Angeles Times has a look at her garden. She used to only dream of having a such a wonderful garden and now she is just drinking in the joy of having the garden of her dreams.

The Garden Full of Fruit and Flowers

She has a cozy colonial home near Los Angeles and her house is filled with her own flower arrangements. Fresh-cut hibiscus and other flowers fill her home.

However, she did not become all that serious about gardening until not long ago. When she and her husband finally finished their home is when she got down to gardening with a passion. Until then Hallie had only planted vegetable gardens with her children. Before that she had worked as a preschool teacher and owned a clothing company.

Now with a bit more knowledge her expertise can be seen in her own garden, divided into three sections. One is a beautiful vegetable garden, the second is a cutting garden full of colour, and the third is by the poolside creating a retreat, with a gentler palette of colour and trees and shrubs from Australia.

Holtzman says, “I wanted a formal yet informal garden, one that was messy and still neat,” about her eclectic garden retreat.

[Via: Los Angeles Times]

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