The Flower that doesn't need Care – the Cactus

Usually when we think of a cactus only the mean-looking spikes come to mind and giant green cactuses with long arms in the middle of the desert.

cactus flowerHowever cacti come actually come in many sizes, even if they are a bit prickly. There are some that are only fuzzy and some are even smooth.

There is one feature of the cactus that many people do not know about and that is – they have flowers. These flowers also come in many shapes, colors and sizes.

California resident Sue Haffner, president of the Fresno Cactus and Succulent Society says, “Some have very tiny flowers that you might not notice, some have great big flowers. Most cactus flowers last a day or two and bloom once a year.”

So don’t let the spikes scare you, cacti are great for a landscape or pots on your patio. They tolerate drought very well, making them great plants for dry areas. With very little care you will have beautiful results.


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