The Exotic Bat Flower

The Exotic Bat FlowerCats Whiskers, Devil Flower, Devil’s Tongue and Bat Lily are all names for the exotic looking Bat Flower. This is a strange looking flower that produces blooms which measure 12 inches across, and has whiskers growing from the bottom that can grow to about 28 inches. The leaves of this flower also have an interesting texture and look.

Of course, Bat Flower cannot grow in every garden as it requires specific conditions. For one thing, it cannot tolerate temperatures under 50 degrees, hence it cannot survive a winter outdoors. The flower needs to be potted and brought inside each winter.

This is a tropical plant originating from the tropical forests of India and China, and that’s the reason why it is vital to maintain moisture in the soil — even the slightest dry spell can be detrimental to the flower.

Those gardeners that do maintain this kind of flower consider it to be one of the most high-maintenance plants.

There are two basic varieties of Bat Flower – the black bat flower and the white bat flower. The white version is more difficult to come by and is a bit more expensive, so if you are going to give this flower a go it is probably best to go with the black variety…


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